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The History of Pasta and Some Famous Pasta Recipes

Italian culture has much to be proud of- from designer sports cars like the Ferrari to the exquisite and sophisticated opera. And while many aspects of their culture have been greatly received and honored throughout the world, it is perhaps their recognition as the originator of the modern pasta that has truly made a deep and lasting influence, not just to the specialized culinary circles, but to everyone who enjoys food. When we talk of Italian cuisine, the center of attention is definitely the pasta. Tracing its origins, there is... Read The Rest →

Some Chicken Pasta Recipes from a Famous Collection of Pasta Recipes

Pasta, being one of the most adaptable dishes in the world, has been combined with numerous ingredients- from the meats to simply some olive oil. This ability to complement a variety of ingredients and tastes is one of the reasons why pasta, as a whole, is so well known and continues to endure. One of the most successful marriages pasta has had was its combination with chicken. Their successful union has brought about some of the world’s most beloved dishes. Follow us as we take a look at some of... Read The Rest →

A Fresh Pasta Recipe from Famous Pasta Recipes

Fresh pasta is differentiated from dried pasta as it is made by combining the flour with egg rather than a liquid (which is usually water). Because of this, it does have its distinct flavor and characteristic. Generally, it is more perishable than dried pasta and must either therefore be refrigerated in an airtight container or totally frozen to prolong its life. Additionally, it also cooks much faster when compared to dried pasta. Here we bring you some of the more popular fresh pasta recipe collections to expand your appreciation of... Read The Rest →

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